May 2019



Beginning of May we applied the antifouling. We used International Micron 350 in green colour. One coat was applied everywhere on the hull and a second on the exposed areas: rudder, skeg and 40 cm under the water line. In total 2,5 lts were used which is probably a minimum for a short summer season.

A specific antifouling was applied on the propeller. We used Marlin Velox Plus in white colour.

The cockpit’ s  gelcoat was in such a sorry state. We were seriously considering repainting it. However, after polishing other areas, we decided to apply the same procedure to the cockpit coamings. The result was even better than expected.  We used the wet sanding method, starting with grade 800, then 1000 , and finishing with 1200 and 1500.

With the help of the Fein Multimaster, we polished with 3M paste.

It was time to organise a bit the interior. Clock,  barometer and thermometer were positioned conspicuously, on the main bulkhead.


After installing our Lagoon table, we realised how practical this idea was indeed.  The table can turn around, the height is adjustable and can easily be removed, if necessary.

When at sea, the table is pushed aside, leaving therefore the passage free to access the front of the boat. We didn’t much fancy the original “folding” table. It was extremely heavy and occupied a lot of space.

Then the BIG DAY arrived:  Launching Samourai !




After launching, we spent some time checking for leaks around seacocks and valves. Everything was fine.

The only main issue was the packing stern gland. When under way, water was not dripping much under the stern gland and it started overheating. On our way to the harbour (around 7 NM), we had to stop the boat several times. Each time it was necessary to unscrew the stern gland a few turns and wait for it to cool down. But the heat persisted until we reached the harbour. As we discovered later, adjusting a traditional packing stern gland is a kind of “dark science” !


Preparing the lines before entering the harbour.

When entering the harbour, we were welcomed by a group of friends waiting for us with a bottle of champagne…a very nice surprise !

We spent the next three days celebrating !

A new sail cover for the main was sewed by our friend the upholsterer. We didn’t want to have any “lazy jacks”. This system can be helpful when dropping the main, but it also includes a few lines which can be very annoying in some other situations. In general, we prefer to keep things as simple as we can.

The life raft mounting bracket.

After some discussions, we decided that the liferaft should be fixed at the front deck. If well attached, it shouldn’t be an issue in big seas and it is probably much easier to deploy it from this area of the boat.


To get the sprayhood perfectly stiff, we added some extra buttons on the fabric. Again, with the help of our friend, a dozen of Tenax fasteners were fixed on the edges of the fabric.

The new teak washboards were ordered from J.Rogers. Instead of varnishing the boards with a dozen coats, we applied Teak Wonder, a Silicone based product which preserves the natural oils in the wood.  A method that we’ve also used on the Iroko toerail and handrails.

Needless to say that we received various compliments from other sailors. No one could believe that Samourai is 43 years old ! One of the smallest boats in the harbour, but probably the most beautiful.






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