Spring 2022


Spring was already well advanced and it was time to put Samourai back into the water. The jobs to be done were including: polishing the topsides, antifouling the hull and few other small things.

On the “to do” list, there was the installation of an external anode. As curious as it may seem, when we purchased Samourai, there was no sign of any anode on the hull ! Usually, on most GRP sailboats there is minimum one. The purpose of this piece of zinc is to avoid electrolysis which can destroy the metal parts lying under the waterline.

The anode was throught bolted on the starboard side of the hull close to the propeller and shaft. From inside, the stern seacocks were also connected to it with a wire.

A few days later the boat was lifted by the crane and launched into the water: a stressful morning !

After all this time, Samourai was finally back in her natural environment.

During the same period of time, we decided that the cockpit teak grating needed a complete refurbish. The teak itself was still in good condition but, the whole grating needed to be re-assembled with glue.

Firstly, the grating had to be completely dismantled. Then, the old glue was cleaned with a chisel and each piece was thoroughly sanded. The old wood started to change color and the characteristic smell of teak perfumed our terrace.

Now that the wood was refurbished, the gluing process could start. The long pieces were re-assembled using epoxy glue and a few stainless steel tapping screws.

Carpentry clamps were extensively used to maintain together the various pieces during the bonding process.


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