May 2018


By now we were quite exhausted after working 7 months, almost without a break . It was necessary to clean up the boat, install the plywood boards, cushions, e.t.c,  and have a proper look at what we have done so far.

We have to admit, that we are very pleased with the result  !

No matter how difficult and tiring this project can be, every time we see our efforts materialized in front of us, we feel a great sense of achievement. It was the first time we saw everything all together !

The front cabin with brand new plywoods, insulation and cushions,

the (not any more) hanging locker,

our new “throne”,

and of course the salon !

A proper relaxing area. What is still missing is the Lagoon table. We decided that we needed extra storage space and a larger bed.  Therefore, we canceled the original folding table which was using too much space and found a  re-movable table that could be stored when at sea.

Another great joy was to see the galley area in such an amazing condition. Very proud indeed!

Chart table with brand new electric panels and storage space…

…and last but not least  the nav berth.




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